Where are we?

Engine Lonning

Above: taken from the top of the coaling tower in Engine Lonning this picture (circa 1962) shows the Waverley line crossing our viaduct.

The proximity of the Canal Yard (now the Engine Lonning Nature Reserve) to the viaduct is evident. Click HERE to see further images of the canal yard and a recent model made by Brian Irving.

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There are four nature reserves in the area sited on or adjacent to ex-railway land. Three of these are north of the river and the fourth is Engine Lonning. If the industrial remains on these sites were investigated and interpreted it would add much more interest for locals and visitors alike.

Re-opening the viaduct as a footpath would link the four together. In addition fishermen, dog walkers, runners etc. could once more easily access the footpaths on both sides of the river and, with the opening of the new Carlisle bypass, a reasonable length circular route will be possible (as shown on the diagram above).

The other obvious benefit would be that residents of Etterby and Belah to the north and residents of Newtown and Bellevue in the west would be able to commute easily and quickly via a traffic free route between north and west, as they did in the past.


Sidings Nature Reserve

Railway line on the site of the old engine shed.

Sidings Nature Reserve

Top: site of the engine turntable.

Kingmoor North Nature Reserve

This path through the reserve follows the route of the old Waverley line.